Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get property tax information/See if my taxes are paid/Change my mailing address?

You can view Property Tax Information on the Oneida County web site. Click this link to go directly to Oneida County's Ascent Land Records  page.  Town Office personnel are unable to change the mailing address on your tax bill. To change your mailing address, please follow these steps: Enter your first & last name; click Find Now; under the mailing address you will see "Request Mailing Address Change"; click Start Request; complete all information; click Send Request.

How do I receive the Town's weekly e-newsletter?

If you would like to receive the newsletter, please click HERE to submit your information.  The newsletter typically comes on on Mondays.

How do I rent my house as a vacation rental?

You need to start the process with the Oneida County Planning & Zoning Office's Administrative Review Tourist Rooming House application.  You can rent your dwelling as a vacation rental for no less than seven (7) days in most cases. You must complete the application, designate your Resident Agent,  and pay the $250.00 fee.  The application will then be sent to the Town of Three Lakes for review  by the Plan Commission, and then sent back to the Oneida County Planning & Zoning office.  If the Plan Commission has a need for the Town Board to review the application, it will go to them prior to returning to Oneida County. Keep in mind you will also need to be inspected by the Oneida County Health Department, set up your Accommodations Tax account with the Three Lakes Treasurer, and set up your state sales tax account.  The entire process takes time, as the Plan Commission meets once a month.  The Tourist Rooming House application can be found HERE.

You will need to contact the Oneida County Public Health Department once you've been approved by the Oneida County Planning & Zoning Department.  Here are helpful links to information from the Oneida County Public Health Department:

Guide to Starting Your Home as a Vacation Rental

Steps for Obtaining Your TRH License

Wisconsin State Lodging Code ATCP 72 for Short Term Rentals

Wisconsin State Lodging Code ATCP 73 for Bed and Breakfast Establishments

Oneida County Health Department Environmental Health Program License Application

Oneida County Health Department TRH Inspection Checklist

Guide to Renting Out Your Property

You will need to complete the Town of Three Lakes' Accommodations Tax Form, as well as sending in your Quarterly Accommodations Tax Report (even if you didn't rent that quarter) to the Three Lakes Town Treasurer Lanae Kowalski.

What permits do I need for building/remodeling my house?

When building or remodeling a home in Three Lakes, you will need to contact the Oneida County Planning & Zoning Department for permits related to those types of projects.  Permits and other forms can be found HERE.

Can I live in my camper on my property?

The Oneida County Zoning and Shoreland Protection Ordinance allows for placement of a camping unit or recreational vehicle pursuant to Article 3, Section 9.32(F) and 9.33(F) and Oneida County Zoning and Shoreland Protection Ordinance, which can be found HERE.  More information on Oneida County's code of ordinance chapter 9 can be found HERE.

Who provides internet/TV/Cellphone coverage near me?

You can find a list of frequently requested phone numbers HERE.  This list includes garbage companies, internet providers, TV providers, cellphone providers, local DMV offices, local DNR offices, local hospitals/clinics, etc.

Why hasn't the Town picked up my garbage?

The Town of Three Lakes does not pick up your garbage.  The Town provides a Transfer Station where you can bring your garbage, recyclables and other odd items.  You can pay by coupon, cash, or check.  More information on the Transfer Station can be found HERE.  Phone numbers for garbage collectors that service our area can be found HERE.

I need to contact my neighbor - what information does the Town have?

We do not have list of phone numbers on residents.  You will need to find their mailing address in the Oneida County Ascent Land Records page and then you will need to search for their contact information online.

Do I need to license my dog?

Yes, per Chapter 10-Animals (Sec. 10-5) of the Town Ordinances,  you must purchase a license annually for your dog, starting once the dog is more than five (5) months of age.  Please see the dog license page HERE, and the Town Ordinance page HERE. 

How do I purchase a $20.00 Annual Launch Permit for Townline Boat Landing?

Annual launch permits can be purchased at the Town Office during normal business hours, through the mail, or by leaving your payment envelope at the landing.  Annual launch permits are valid through the end of each year.  If you're purchasing via the mail, please send a note with: your name, physical and/or mailing address, phone number, license plate number, email address, and description of vehicle.  Along with the note, you will also need to include your $20.00 check made payable to the Town of Three Lakes along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.  The daily launch fee of $5.00 can be paid at the landing in a payment envelope.

How big is Three Lakes? What is our population?

Our town encompasses 99 square miles, of which about one-third is water. Most of the remaining land mass is wooded. Only about 5% of the total land is developed with homes and businesses. As of 2019 our population was 2,120. However, during the summer months when seasonal residents are present the population swells to several thousand.

What is the Equalized Value of Three Lakes?

Per the 2021 Department of Revenue's Equalized Value Report, the equalized value of Three Lakes is over one billion dollars, at $1,059,569,700.00.  That is an increase of over seventy million dollars, at approximately $78,000,000.00.

How many roads are there in Three Lakes?

We have approximately 129 miles of town-maintained roads; this does not include the federal, state and county roads and highways that pass through town.

What is the Annual Meeting?

Download the Annual Town Meeting Description PDF.

What is the Annual Town Budget Meeting?

Download the Citizens Guide to the Annual Town Budget Meeting

Who do I contact about the Septic Inspection Postcard?

If you've been notified by Oneida County Planning & Zoning that your septic needs to be inspected, they have a list of providers HERE.

When does the drawdown occur on the chain of lakes?

The Three Lakes Chain (Burnt Rollways) is operated as a reservoir to help regulate the flow in the Wisconsin River.  The basic operating plan for Burnt Rollways is to lower the lake level over the winter season, starting in late October or early November and ending in early March.  For more information please contact Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company (715) 848-0284 or visit their webpage.

Are there any RV dump stations in the area?

Local RV dump stations are located at the Three Lakes Shell Convenience Station (715-546-2277); Krist Food Mart (715-546-3521) and the Harbor Campground (715-546-3520).  Please call ahead of time to verify availability.