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Budget & Finance Committee

Review and recommend Town policy on matters relating to budget and finance. Perform a key role in the data gathering and organization of materials for the Town Board in the annual budget cycle process.

Chairperson: Dave Hintz (Term of appointment expires April 2015)



  • Ed Cottingham (Term of appointment expires July 2015)
  • William Hren (Term of appointment expires July 2014)
  • Jim Leatzow (Term of appointment expires July 2014)
  • Ken Klein (Term of appointment expires July 2015)


Cemetery Committee

Responsible for maintaining a clean and attractive cemetery, as well as recommending policy to the Town Board for the operation and administration of the facility.


  • Sue Harris
  • Town Supervisor Steve Garbowicz
  • Bruce Brewster
  • Nancy Brewster
  • Kelly Strauss
  • Charlene Roberts
  • Marilyn Wisner

Law Enforcement Committee

This committee assists the Police Department on certain personnel, performance, and operational matters.


  • Robert Baker
  • John Lamon
  • Bill Scheurer
  • Town Supervisor Ed Starke


Natural/Cultural Resources


  • Tamarack Song, Chairperson
  • Jeff Higley, Vice Chairperson
  • Butch Fitzpatrick, Secretary
  • Cathy Higley
  • Rich Javenkoski
  • Mike Kwaterski
  • Bill Lamon
  • Al Votis


Park Commission

Wisconsin State Statute 27.02(2) authorizes the Three Lakes Park Commission, consisting of seven members appointed by the Town Board of Supervisors, to overlapping seven-year terms. The Park Commission oversees three main program areas: operations and maintenance, planning and development, and land acquisition.

Chairperson: Rich Javenkoski (Term of appointment expires 2020)




  • Andrew Boers (Term of appointment expires 2017)
  • Jason Stebbeds (Term of appointment expires 2020)
  • Toni Swendson (Term of appointment expires 2015)
  • Tony Graczyk (Term of appointment expires 2020)
  • Pat Volk (Term of appointment expires 2016)
  • Doug Wallschlager (Term of appointment expires 2018)


Plan Commission

Wisconsin State Statutes 62.23 and 66.1001 authorize the Three Lakes Plan Commission, which is charged with the implementation and oversight of the Town's 20-year comprehensive plan that was adopted in December of 2009. In addition to referrals that must come before the Commission by state statute, the organization is conferred with powers and duties through local ordinance, as approved by the Town Board, to further the health, safety, welfare and wise use of resources for the benefit of current and future residents of the Town and affected neighboring jurisdictions through the implementation of comprehensive planning with significant citizen involvement. The seven Plan Commissioners serve for overlapping three-year terms and take the same oath of office as elected officials, and as such they are subject to the same statutory requirements for ethics and conduct.

Chairman: Jeff Boehm

Vice-Chairman: Town Supervisor Dr. Bill Martineau (Term of appointment expires April 2015)



  • Jeff Boehm (Term of appointment expires April 2017)
  • Andrew Boers (Term of appointment expires 2016)
  • Mike Miller (Term of appointment expires April 2016)
  • Town Chairman Stella Westfall (Term of appointment expires April 2015)
  • Collette Sorgel (Term of appointment expires April 2015)
  • Susan Kordula (Term of appointment expires April 2016)


Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC)

Serves as an operational and investigative arm of the Plan Commission. Responsible for reviewing all land use and zoning-related matters presented to the Town including requests for subdivision of land, Conditional Use Permit (CUP), Administrative Review Permit (ARP), construction of new roads, and other related issues.

Chairperson: Scott Soder


  • Ed Cottingham
  • Jim Nykolayko
  • Norris Ross
  • Tim Sherry