Spring Thaw & Plowing Notice

Spring Thaw & Snow Removal Notice

Please keep in mind that every year when the spring thaw is upon us the Town of Three Lakes must address our roads as best we can.  In order to protect our roads from being damaged further we cannot always accommodate your specific road needs especially if you live on a gravel or sand-gravel composite road.  Gravel roads deteriorate rapidly and heavy equipment will only cause more damage and further deterioration.  This year we have had an unprecedented amount of snow along with the varying temperatures and our roads are simply not in any condition to be graded or otherwise at this time.  Snow may still be in our forecast and plowing will be limited, so please drive according to conditions and be patient.  There are two (2) primary causes for premature deterioration of our roads and that is weather and traffic.  Thanking you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.